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Different Bikes

Personal, Responsive and Friendly focus on you is What Makes Us “Different”. Our mission is to always provide an excellent customer experience for all types of cyclists.  Drop by any of our locations to judge for yourself and let us know what you think.

Big Mountain Bike Adventures

At Big Mountain, our goal is to provide an experience of a lifetime on a mountain bike. We’re talking about one of those experiences that borders on life altering, or a least one that makes you feel so alive that you howl out loud.

Ozmosis Training

Personal Training: Master Trainer, Certified Mountain Bike Instructor

Jaclyn was born and bred in the Australian outback and moved to Vancouver in December of 2007. Shortly after moving here, she discovered the North Shore and mountain biking and it has been her passion ever since.

Ryders Eyewear

There’s an astonishing thing that happens when you look through our new lenses. They’re so absolutely, crystal clear that you’ll see exactly where you’ll be seconds and sometimes minutes into the future. You can see it, but you’re not actually there yet. Conversely, if you turn around you’ll see precisely where you have been in the very recent past. This is an amazing phenomenon that we refer to as Visual Time Travel and it’s a feature you’ll find in all of our eyewear.

Petal Power

It has been said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  This is certainly true for the creation of Petal Power products.  Probably not unlike you, we are extremely selective about what goes IN and ON our bodies.  As cyclists on a quest to find the ultimate chamois cream, we’ve used most all of the creams on the market at one time or another during our riding careers.  While these creams more or less do what they are intended to do, there were many things we felt we could be improved upon.  Some use petroleum products.  Some contain harmful parabens or other chemicals.  Many contain so much tea tree oil, your eyes burn from the smell.  Others contain menthol and/peppermint oil, which can tingle or burn.  Some have really goofy names.  Some were so greasy, it took several washes to get the stuff out of the chamois in our shorts.  None addressed the importance of starting and ending the ride with clean skin to help stave off saddle sores and other infections.

Platypus Hydration

These packs are for women who absolutely kill it— core riders who get out whenever they can and come to all the local events. They deserve more than pretty flowers and pink fabrics, they deserve packs that can keep up.