2016 Team

North Vancouver, BC

I discovered mountain biking over five years ago in Toronto, Ontario. I was instantly hooked, I started biking whenever my schedule would allow it. Three years had pasted in Toronto, when my boyfriend and I were offered the opportunity of a life time, we both landed jobs in Vancouver. British Columbia the ultimate back yard for Mountain Biking, needless to say we were stocked!!

I’m not going to lie, the trails out here were a hole neither ball game. I could’t believe it, it was like learning to ride all over again..it was extremely frustrating for me. But you know that moment when everything comes together, well that day came and I instantly fell in love with mountain biking all over again, the adrenaline rush, the flood of endorphin’s, the thrill of nailing a line it is so exhilarating.
Mountain biking has become such a hug part of my life, It has lead me to meet some amazing people and see some of the most beautiful landscapes. I had also lead me to the Muddbunnies riding club, which lead me to join the race team. This is my second year of racing and I am excited to be apart of the Muddbunnies race team once again. I am looking forward to training with an amazing group of ladies. Here we come 2017!


XC, Enduro
North Vancouver, BC

2016 was a challenging but rewarding year for me.  I achieved my big goal of finishing the BC Bike Race in my first year of racing XC supported by Muddbunnies both on and off course.  I enjoyed the challenge of riding longer  courses and the variety of riding that it brings after being a Downhill rider previously.  So, this year I am going to try some XCM and look forward to the support of my team members and loving riding my bike.


Bellingham, WA

This is my third year riding mountain bikes and last year was my first year racing. It was a blast to do it on the Muddbunnies team and I can’t wait for 2016! Riding is one thing. Racing…that’s a whole different beast! There were tears, grins and a few crashes, but there is nothing more satisfying than overcoming your self-imposed limitations: almost quitting and then pushing forward. With racing also comes camaraderie and a whole new group of people who are just as excited about biking as you are, and people to travel and explore new dirt with.

XC, Enduro
Calgary, AB

I’m a forty-something IT specialist for oil and gas, with a background in branding and marketing, and a charming wife who loves her kids, mountain biking, skiing deep powder, and photography.

Throughout the journey of becoming a mom to two daughters, I have continued to train and race – starting with running, moving into triathlons and mountain biking, then racing XC mountain bikes and XTerra World Championships in recent years.

It’s not just about the racing – I genuinely enjoy the journey to race-day. I always view race-day as a celebration of the work that has gone into preparing for it. My ideal race-day will be a tough day, but it will be the result of my training. I love the thrill of competing, it suits my personality, and the extra effort  to find the edge of my limits, to keep pushing that limit and exploring the nuances of it is what keeps me toeing the line. I’m not a pro athlete, I’m rarely on the age-group podium – but I love being out there, racing against my limits and, lately, like good wine, getting better with age!

Abbotsford, BC

When I first moved to BC I wanted to try anything that got me into the mountains. Eight years ago that was mountain biking. I had heard about a beginner’s clinic and signed up. The first lesson I showed up with my 3 year old Canadian Tire special bicycle and my jeans tucked into my socks. Basically I knew absolutely nothing about mountain biking. Regardless of the gear we were away on our first trail ride and I was hooked. Fast forward a few years and I’ve developed a passion for riding bikes and the community it allows me to be a part of. Being a supporter of women on bikes, I am so excited to be involved with the Muddbunnies as part owner! During this race season I have a few race specific goals but my major goal is to have some wicked fun while doing the best I can no matter if I’m winning or if I’m at the back of the pack.

Enduro, DH, XC
Bromont, QC
I am a 32 year old mountain bike lover. I fell in love in 2010, when I discovered a sport that would change me and my lifestyle forever. My love story got to some higher level when I took part of a women in 2010, when I discovered a sport that would change me and my lifestyle forever.  I took part of a women MTB clinic week-end at Retallack. That’s when I met Crystal Lambert, an amazing all around accomplished women, who convinced me get involved with  the muddbunnies race team. After one year of racing, I realized I could do more for my community, and share my passion and love for the sport with other women. I started a muddbunnies riding club last year in my little biking community named Bromont, Quebec. In 2017, I aim to keep helping women pushing their limits in the amazing sport we are practicing. Race wise, I will take part of transBC , some local enduro races and DH races and some of the BC enduro series.
XC, Enduro
North Vancouver, BC

Gina discovered mountain biking after an injury forced her into retirement from the competitive Ultimate scene. Seeking a new community to call home, she stumbled upon the Muddbunnies.  Having never mountain biked before there were several bumps and bruises along the way. But in true Hopper style, it didn’t take long before she was leading rides and joining the organization bandwagon.

Four years later, Gina joins the Muddbunnies race team with lofty athletic goals and a genuine longing for a team environment.  While the 2015 season will be a challenging one, the plan is set…  reduce the suffer and increase the fun.  With Ozmosis Training and a herd of Bunnies in her corner the only way forward is…

“be your own version of awesome!”

COACH, Enduro, DH
North Vancouver, BC

A native of New South Wales, Australia, I moved to Vancouver after some major life changes in 2007. It wasn’t long before I discovered mountain biking (and the Muddbunnies), which has been my number one passion ever since.

I am a racer, a trainer, a leader, a builder, and an advocate. My background is in group fitness with a Master Trainer cert from the widely respected Australian Institute of Fitness. On top of that, I am also certified by PMBIA as a certified Mountain Bike Instructor.

North Vancouver, BC

I started riding in ’99 when I moved to the Kooteney’s for snowboarding and but fell in love with the dirt. My two wheel passion has been in full bloom ever since! I raced the BC Cup DH circuit in the early 2000’s and enjoyed seeing the varied terrain throughout BC. I love travelling and discovering how different geography and trail builders creativity can create such amazing and diverse trails. Throughout the years, I’ve switched from a purely downhill focus to loving a cardio challenge. For me, Enduro fits perfectly, fun thrilling descents combined with cardio challenge and technical uphills. Game on!!!

XC, Adventure Racing
Errington, BC

My name is Laurie Kalf. This will be my 5th year on the Muddbunnies race team. The past 3 years have been a super positive experience, I have met people who share the same interests, learned from them, and have made some amazing lifelong friends. What I love the best about being part of the race team is having the camaraderie at the races,  I love feeling like part of a team and it is so supportive having other women with the same interests to hang out and travel with. Mountain biking riding and racing XC has been my passion for about 15 years. I love the challenges, especially longer marathon distance xc racing but also tried some enduro races this year! I am not sure what I love the most about mountain biking, the thrills, the danger, the workout, or being out in the great outdoors.

XC, Enduro, Duathlon
Surrey, BC
I had been a casual bike park rider since 2013 and was interested in taking my riding more seriously. I set a goal to begin racing in 2016 and signed up for the Muddbunnies Race Team. Knowing I had races to train for challenged me to ride new trails, work on my bike handling skills, and get out of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to pushing myself even harder in 2017 by trying longer and more challenging races and by tackling more duathlons.


Bellingham, WA

I am a Northwest Washington native who loves travel, the outdoors, and craft beer. I have been riding for about 5 years and raced with the MuddBunnies for the first time in 2016. For my first couple years of biking I was pretty timid and cautious, but racing and being part of the team last year really helped me develop and grow as a rider. I found that I like racing because it forces me to push myself to be better. In a race there is no putting off riding sections or features for another day; you just have to go for it. I am excited to return to the team because I had such a blast last year I love the support and camaraderie, as well as the encouragement and inspiration that comes with being a part of something bigger than you. I’m excited to grow as a racer and hopefully encourage other people to either start biking or push themselves to grow beyond what they think they can do.

XC, Off-road Triathlon
Port Coquitlam, BC

I’ve ridden a bike ever since I can remember, my proudest moment ever being when I got a brand new banana seat bike of my very own.

What I’ve loved about riding a bike is there is always more to learn and another type of bike to buy!  After many years riding and racing on the road, some friends convinced me to mountain bike and I instantly fell in love with it.  I ride mostly XC and all-mountain, but never venture far from my road bike either.  In 2012 a friend introduced me to the Muddbunnies. I joined their road team for the Fraser Valley GranFondo and just loved the camaraderie of the group.  After so many years riding with the guys, it was wonderful to ride with such an inspiring group of women.

As much as I still love my road bike, especially for building my endurance and fitness, I find myself riding off-road more and more.  For 2015 my goals are to focus on XC riding, in particular the longer distance races, and to improve on my technical skills and generally get faster on my bike.

In my “spare time” I work full time in pharmaceutical sales, and am married with 2 young girls.  People ask me how do I fit in all my activities with a family and work?   Aside from how much I love all 3 things, I love that my girls can see that a woman can do everything she aspires to.  By setting an example and showing them how fun it is, and having a Dad that supports it all, will be very empowering for them.  I’m hoping as a member of the Muddbunnies, my girls will also get an even greater perspective on how much they too can achieve.

North Vancouver, BC

Mountain biking has been my favourite sport for almost 20 years now but always took the backseat to my main racing focus: the sport of Biathlon.  Since retiring from biathlon in 2009, I’ve been able to spend a lot more time on my bike!

I’ve developed beyond being an XC rider the past 7 years I’ve been living in BC, especially the last 2 years as a part of the Muddbunnies ride club.  Don’t tell my mom but I am starting to get way too comfortable in the air now!  I started taking bike racing a bit more seriously again when I discovered Enduro racing in the summer of 2015 (or maybe it’s better described as more racing, less-seriously which is why it’s SO fun).

This is my second year on the Muddbunnies race team and I’m looking forward to another season of expanding my riding skills, pushing my limits, taking my bike to awesome places with great friends and lots of laughs along the way!


North Vancouver, BC

Ah, I’m addicted. To mountain biking that is. I have been a devoted muddbunnie since 2009 and this will be my 4th year on the race team. There was a gap in there with my riding/racing due to pregnancy/sleep deprivation though. I live in North Vancouver with my hubby, two young kids and two dogs. I raced XC, techy trails this past year, and this is pretty much what I have planned for 2017. I do like the fun enduros more and more and am still looking to bring out that daredevil spirit I had growing up. (Being a parent changes that though.) I am a sucker for hill climbs and a big sweat, so I guess the race I’m looking forward to is the Nimby50 in Pemberton, BC. I am really excited to hear about all the ladies on the team this year and it’s so great to see people on board from so many places. I am a visual artist-painter and have a number of exhibitions in the works for 2017.

DH, Enduro, Dual Slalom
Mateo, CA

I’ve always been really passionate about all outdoor activities & fostering a learning environment that pushes everyone to grow in their sport. In recent years I’ve been placing more & more emphasis on health, cross training & nutrition. Spend equal amounts of time on bike as combining a mixture of yoga, swimming, rock climbing, physiotherapy, boot camp, weight training, surfing, etc. Really look forward to riding with the team- either with individuals or at spring training every year. It’s great to travel around the country and see more people recognize the jersey or logo. For most of us I don’t think it’s about racing and winning but all the steps leading us there and sharing what works and what doesn’t,  how to stay healthy, remain uninjured and continue loving bikes and this sport as much as we do. I attained park tool mechanic certification a few years back & love building/wrenching on the assorted bikes I use to race & have been an AASI Level 3 snowboard instructor most of my career & the new challenge of mastering bike handling on assorted terrain has been exciting & energizing.

Mt Dora, FL

Last year was my first year racing and was stoked it was with the Muddbunnies! I have met so many wonderful ladies and learned so much about my riding through racing! I love being a Muddbunnie!! The support you get from group really helps with building yourself as a rider, plus you get to hang with some of the amazing girls in the world! I’m ready for the 2016 season!!

Enduro, XC, Road
North Vancouver, BC

I grew up in Vancouver and started exploring trails in Squamish and the Shore in Fall 2013 when I moved back home from Montreal. I have always been active and competitive and I love a challenge; so it wasn’t hard for me to throw myself into mountain biking. Joining the Muddbunnies gave me the perfect opportunity to learn to ride, learn to race, and hang out with rad ladies. I want to race because it is a good time; you get to sweat, feel the burn, sometimes cry, but mostly you get to smile and get hugs and high-fives. When I am not on the bike, you can maybe find me working in the city, but more likely you’ll find me on my skis, climbing or running.


This year I want to race because I had such a great time my first year out.  I really didn’t know what to expect or really how to race at all, but I figured it out along the way.  So this year I want to help encourage other women that are new to racing, or scared of trying to get out there and do it, have a good time, meet new people, and challenge what they think is possible for them on a bike.  Being part of an all female mountain bike team is one of the coolest things I’ve done, and I hope to get others involved that will feel the same way.  I know having been through my first year racing my self confidence and courage has come a long way, hopefully next year will be even better.  And maybe, just maybe I’ll get a podium finish if I avoid epic crashes!

I began mountain biking in 2008 when my husband and his friends took me with them Santos one day. My husband was pretty new to mountain biking too and I had previously been riding my “department store” mtb weekly on the West Orange Trail. Wow! What an amazing difference it was to be on a dirt trail, winding around trees in nature! I was immediately addicted to the sport! We then started riding as a family and it has been the perfect activity to do with our three kids. Over the years I slowly up graded bikes to a big girl bike. I eventually traded my personal training job to work for a bike shop. There I have became more educated about my passion and I have had the privilege to work with people who also love bikes!

I joined the Muddbunnies this year and I am so glad I did. I really enjoy riding with these ladies! The support I get from these bunnies has helped me become a better rider overall. I can’t wait this year to get to training and racing with these girls! Mtbing has been my sanctuary under a canopy of trees fueled by my pumping adrenaline and my thirst for adventure!


I want to race for Muddbunnies in 2016!  I’ve been riding mountain bikes for 5 years now, and the sport has taught me to be confident in every aspect of my life!  As the Town Manager of Pinetop-Lakeside, I have to take risks every day.  Mountain Biking has taught me that I can take risks!  Riding that big drop or floating through a rock garden takes focus and confidence.  Focus and confidence are beneficial for all women!  Riding bikes brings out the best in Women!  Mountain biking with women is unique.  Encouragement, coaching, and socializing are three aspects of mountain biking that prove that by bringing each other up, women become better.   In a world where women often hold each other back because of fear of competition, mountain biking can be a medium that shows that by working together women can be more successful in achieving equality in the workplace, happiness at home, and can be more confident in their daily lives.


I grew up in North Vancouver riding the technical trails on Seymour mountain. I now live in Vernon,BC, riding the dh trails on Silver Star mountain and chilling in the sun set. I have always wanted to be part of a race team so I am very grateful that the Muddbunnies have accepted me. I feel so loved haha. I am aiming to do my best in representing the Muddbunnies this summer. I now declare this summer for the Muddbunnies racing team to be successful!!!!!! Best of luck to the other bunnies out there, lets rock it ladies!!!!!


Being the quintessential nerd in high school  – I started as a bit of a late bloomer to the mountain bike scene. I found my love for my wheels in Nakusp, BC, where everyone was crazy competitive and I had to learn fast to be able to keep up! It turned out that just being able to make it down the mountain wasn’t enough for me and I took my PMBI certification in 2011. Not only did this build my understanding of mechanics, but it also opened up the possibility of coaching – a new world into which I had never set foot. I joined the team of downhill coaches at Silver Star Mountain in the summer of 2014 and discovered that my passion went even further still. Introducing new people to the world that is mountain biking holds a special place in my heart – and I strive to inspire confidence into everyone that I encounter.

I had heard of the Muddbunnies before but I first really met some of them at an event in the summer of 2015 and was more than impressed with the levels of dedication and professionalism displayed. Not only that – everyone was having so much FUN. I am genuinely excited to be a member of the team and start yet another bike adventure. I am nervous but if there is one thing that I’ve learned from mountain biking is that it means something different to everyone. For me it means making new goals and doing my absolute best to achieve them. Here’s to working hard and playing hard!

2013 was my first year racing with the Muddbunnies and it was great!  I’ve always been active in sports, but only really found cycling when I moved to Vancouver 9 years ago.  I’ve loved cycling from the beginning, but the one thing that it always lacked compared to other sports I have done was the team element.  I love getting out and pushing myself on a bike, but at the end of the day, its nice to have something just a little more than yourself to push myself for – being part of the Muddbunnies has definitely helped with that!

I’m not the most naturally gifted mountain biker, but I love it and I thrive on seeing improvement that I’ve worked hard for.  It’s a great feeling to ride trails clean that were challenging in the past, or make it up and over climbs confidentially that used to have me walking.  It’s even better to be able to keep up with some of the rad people I’ve met since I started riding bikes!

As a lawyer, my day job can be mentally exhausting.  Biking is one of the few things that I’ve found over the years that will keep in the moment and take me away from the stresses of work. If I forget to focus on my bike, it reminds me.  Racing takes that one step further, it makes me hit my edge and wrestle with self-doubt, but the rewards of pushing past that feeling are immense!


I am 44 years old and I just plain like to ride my bike. I have raced with Swift Racing for two years and it has been a life changing experience. All modalities are awesome but I especially enjoy XC & CX racing. With adult daughters, who have daughters of their own, and my 10 year old step daughter, it is especially important to set the example of what they as women are capable of and racing is one way for me to do that. Endurance cycling has changed the way I view myself, my own life and the people around me. I want to use my energy, strength and passion for cycling to develop and inspire greater participation in the sport, provide support and maintain investment in the growth and development of women in the cycling community, racing with other women is one way I can do so.

I have never raced but I am pretty athletic: I was national champion in horse back riding for three consecutive years as a teenager (so like forever ago). I have a premed degree and I work at Swedish Hospital in pediatric therapy and also at a bar to make some money. I am applying to be a medic for Seattle Fire Department and to graduate school for physical therapy. I am a rock climber, a mountain biker, a yogi and an auntie. I want to show my nieces that ladies can kick butt! I would love, love, love to get out and race with the muddbunnies!

Being part of the MB Team in 2015 was incredible!  Hearing the trials and tribulations that make this sport so real, so amazing, so addicting.  It inspires me to “get faster/stronger, train harder, push further”.  Have already considered the fall as the pre-season for next year and am psyched to train.  I look forward to racing a class up next season and sharing the MB Team experience.  This season, with MB team support, I was able to race solidly and even garner a first First and Third in age class.  That small slice of accomplishment is enough to motivate me for next year!  Additionally, I look forward to the Team dynamic that training and the online MB community provides.  I look forward to expanding my race schedule and continuing to spread the Muddbunnie Love in the midwest by representing the team here.  The midwest area continues to grow in leaps and bounds with the womens MTB community and my commitment to being a strong supporter remains a priority.  Riding and racing are part of the foundation for keeping that community strong.  Along with sharing the MB message within the local club rides and gatherings.

Cheers to 2016!  Hoo Ya!

The speed, the freedom, the thrill, and of course the fantastic friends.  Those are just a few things I love about riding on two wheels.  I started out on a two-stroke steed with a throttle and successfully competed in a desert enduro dirt bike series in Nevada.  In 2013, I bought a cross country bike and realized that I could get to many places with the power of my legs that a motor can’t take me.  It didn’t take long for the XC bike to get ridden to it’s max, though I did manage to win my very first enduro bike race on it!   I moved to Seattle in 2014 for changes and challenges, both in my professional life and my explorer life.  I haven’t looked back since!  Swapping out the XC bike for an all mountain one and competing in races in the area were some of the best decisions I ever made.  In 2015, I met several of the lovely Muddbunnies ladies and got to ride and progress with them along the way.  I am super excited to be a part of the team this year, and look forward to challenging myself in the 2016 race season.


I fell into this sport 3 years ago in Nelson, BC when a friend talked me into it, and it was definitely love at first pedal. My favourite has always been the steep technical, but riding the North Shore and Whistler has been an education in other styles, and just how fancy it can get!

I joined Muddbunnies in 2014, and spent most of the 2015 season helping out with the rides as a sweep or a ride lead. It’s been incredible to be part of such a fantastic and supportive community of bikers and women, and I discovered that I love helping beginners gain confidence and skills.

This 2015 season also included my first race: the “Hot on Your Heels” enduro in Squamish. This event was such a wonderful spectacle and so full of camaraderie, but even aside from that, I really appreciated the challenge of the enduro racing format. I am completely excited to see where racing will take me in 2016. I welcome the chance to push my limits and hone my skills as a member of the Muddbunnies race team.

Thirteen-year old old me used to look on and listen with envy to a group of boys in my class who talked about mountain bikes and showed off their bunny hops. It seemed so cool. And so out of reach. Like many a fantasy, it quickly passed. It wasn’t until two summer ago that that long, lost teen fantasy was realized when I threw my legs over my partner’s XC bike and he jogged alongside, cheering me on over my first rocks and roots. From the first baby logs to bigger and bigger drops in the park, learning to mountain bike has been an incredible adventure. The challenge, adrenaline and sense of accomplishment has taught me so many things I didn’t know about myself—or almost forgot. I want to race to push myself harder than I have in a long time and see what I’m capable of, and be part of a rad and encouraging team along the way. Couldn’t be more stoked to be a Mudbunny!