2011 Team

Back Row: Diana, Crystal, Kelly, Colleen, Edith, Michelle, Vanessa, Ryan. Front Row: Lisa, Jen, Michelle, Jaclyn, Aimee. Missing: Isabelle, Paula

There are no team members to display

Paula Armstrong – DH

Jen Clarke – DH (read blog)

Isabelle Deguise – DH & XC – (read blog)

Jaclyn Delacroix – DH

Michelle Dignon – DH

Aimee Dunn – XC – (read blog)

Lisa Howey-Louter – DH – (read blog)

Edith Janzen – DH

Kelly Jones – DH

Colleen Keyland – DH

Michelle Lachmann – XC

Crystal Lambert – XC

Ryan Petersen – DH

Vanessa Voss – XC

Diana Walker – DH & XC


Paula Armstrong:

Gravel forestry roads was what I thought mountain biking was all about in 2005, and I loved it! Biking up a gravel road and then getting to bike down was AWESOME!! A year or so later I began riding some very smooth flowy single tracks on my hard tail in Rotorua, and that was as big as it got for me at home in New Zealand.
Riding the north shore in 2008 I nearly quit, I had heard of the north shore, but to ride it was a whole other story. Knarly rocks, roots and my fear of bears was nothing like home! Riding at Whistler got me hooked on down hilling, and regular evenings of riding on the shore helped me progress to enjoy and now love the shore.
Being of a competitive nature I found the BC Cycling Race Series. 2009 I competed in the full XC winning the senior women’s section. 2010 I converted to racing DH, but due to injuries did not complete the entire series. This year with the support of the Muddbunnies, I plan on racing a full series of the BC cup races in the Sr. Women’s category and enjoying a cold Red Racer after my races.

Jen Clarke:

I’m heading into my 4th year as part of the Muddbunnies Riding Club and as a rider, I have grown so much in these last few years thanks to the exposure to other riders, clinics, and styles of riding that the club has offered. I am a huge supporter of women in mountain biking and am just getting my feet wet in the racing scene. I look forward to getting out there to spread my wings, the Muddbunnies name, and philosophy, and support others. I hope to show that you don’t have to be a hardcore rider to get out and enjoy the competition and camaraderie that you find in racing. Not to mention the simple pride felt at the finish line no matter where you “place”. Hope to see you out there!

Isabelle Deguise:

I started mountain biking 3 years ago after seeing my husband and all our friends having a blast without me. I started with DH/Freeride but got an XC bike last winter and love that style of riding just as much, if not more. This will be my 4th season and I’m excited to represent the Muddbunnies by racing both XC and DH. I did a couple of races last year, including the BC Bike Race where my now husband and I finished first in our category! I can’t wait to participate in more races and travel around the province riding the best trails. Mountain biking for me is an amazing way to explore new places, while getting fresh air and exercise.
I joined the Muddbunnies two years ago to meet other women who ride and have been a proud supporter ever since. Mountain biking is a great way to improve your fitness and confidence, not to mention all the sweet bruises you can show off!
My goal for this season is simply to have fun, ride as much as I can, and improve every ride. This will be the mindset I apply to racing as well, treating the weekend as just another vacation with friends and my bikes…although my competitive nature probably won’t let me take it easy out there!

Jaclyn Delacroix:

Born and breed in the Australian outback I moved to Vancouver 3 years ago on a whim, shortly after moving here I discovered the North Shore and mountain biking and it has been my passion ever since.
This will be my third year with the Muddbunnies. Up until I joined the Muddbunnies I had only ever ridden with guys. I guess that always worked fairly well for me since I have that ‘just do it’ sort of outlook on riding, and life in general.
Up until early 2010 I was all about the downhill riding, then circumstance stepped in! Afterwoods I discovered epic North shore style XC rides. However my love of speed mixed with my competitive nature have made me decide to race DH, though at least one epic All Mountain style race may have to be attempted this year.
I have competed in various sports over the years but this will be the first year that I compete in Mountain biking. Should be interesting!

Michelle Dignon:

This amazing guy (who later turned out to be my husband!) introduced me to this strange sport called cross country mountain biking! It wasn’t long till I was bitten by the biking bug and bought my own bike. We really enjoyed XC riding, but started to watch MTB movies and longed for the trails we saw in the footage. In 2009 we decided to give up our lives in Australia and go traveling around the world. We arrived in Vancouver in June 2009 and loved it so much that we never used our return ticket home!
Our first mountain bike ride in Canada was on the North Shore on a ‘blue’ graded trail called Pipeline. We had been on the trail all of 5 minutes when I started crying because I was so scared and upset that I couldn’t ride it! A couple of months later, I met a few girls who were kick-arse riders and were all members, and encouraged me to join, this women’s biking club called the Muddbunnies. I signed up in 2010 and, not only was it great to be shown new trails and get out on the bike, it was also a fun way to meet people and make some fantastic friends. I discovered that I loved freeride and DH and decided to enter my first DH race in August 2010. It didn’t go exactly as I had envisaged (I never envisage crashing!), but I had so much fun that I promised myself I would do it again. I am so excited to ride with such an awesome group of women and hopefully we will inspire more girls to get out there!

Aimee Dunn:

I started riding on the mountains of the North Shore in 2006 and this same year discovered the Muddbunnies. I was on the club’s board of directors for 2 seasons and have dabbled in DH racing, freeriding, adventure racing and all mountain adventures.
As a new mom I look forward to training and riding solo in the BC Bike Race and a few other cross country events this year. Prior to 2006 I competed in a variety of endurance events (mainly running and adventure racing) so in a way I am going back to my roots with cross country racing being a new challenge. I will focus on cross country and all mountain adventures this season and aim to represent all the MuddMommies out there!

Lisa Howey-Louter:

A few years ago biking to me meant riding a bike in a straight line on flat terrain. I was then introduced to trials, and later to mountain biking. For my first ride on a mountain, my boyfriend (now husband), took me up to Seventh Secret on Fromme. It was winter, I had a hardtail, and it was late afternoon. It soon turned dark and I was riding my first trail on the shore in the dark with only a turtle light to guide us. We got out alive, thankfully, and planning my rides more carefully has helped me discover my passion. Once I got more confident I did my first race – The Rat Race. Here is where I got hooked on racing – Camping out with fellow Muddbunnies, the comradery, and the adrenaline of the race. I’m so excited to be back racing in BC after 3 years away. A lot has changed after 3 years of being away – I have let my trials bike rest for a while, and I am constantly challenged to figure out how to ride my bike and bring my son along too (Just rode a push bike for the first time)! In the meantime, I will be focusing most of my time on downhill mountain biking. You may also see me back on my bike at the Crankworx trials competition, which is usually the best turnout for women in trials (in Canada).
See you at the races!

Edith Janzen:

I developed an interest in mt biking in 1993-95 when my boyfriend at the time introduced me to exploring trails on wheels. After we broke up, I got into street bikes but was reintroduced to mt bikes in 2000 when I began dating a man who rode, and had raced, XC. That same year, thanks to my working in a welding shop that didn’t provide respirators, I was diagnosed with severe asthma and only 40% lung capacity. I changed jobs and, through riding XC, brought my lung capacity back to 60%. In 2004, we discovered DH riding and hung the XC bike frames on the wall. Literally! They are hanging in our living room right now! LOL
My first DH race was the Sunshine Coast Rat Race in 2007 in the pouring rain, and I was hooked! In 2008, I competed in the BC Cup DH circuit with the Muddbunnies as my only sponsor, and won the championship in the Masters 30+ Women catagory. I raced again in 2009, but came in 4th, then had to take 2010 off due to lack of finances. In 2011, I am looking forward to getting a new bike, and I am highly motivated to do everything within my power to win back the BC Cup Championship for the Muddbunnies!
I have been a member of the Muddbunnies riding club since 2007 and have appeared in the 2008 and 2010 Muddbunny calendars. I have also been a ride leader for the club in the Fraser Valley for 2008 and 2009, and look forward to riding with the girls in the club this year as my work schedule allows!

Kelly Jones:

I LOVE to ride my bikes, I have been riding 4x and xc for a few years, but have only really been riding DH on a regular basis for just over a year. I love getting out and riding with my husband and friends and in an ideal world would do nothing but ride my bikes. I work full-time in the health field and enjoy life in the Fraser Valley. I have a passion for riding that has changed my life in a great way, and I love to pass on this feeling and get out and ride as much as possible! I am stoked to be a part of the Muddbunnies!

Colleen Keyland:

Back in 2005 I was looking for someone who could introduce me to DH on Seymour. I googled “Women’s biking clubs” in Vancouver and I found the Muddbunnies (a yahoo site back then!). Ryan and Susan responded to me and days later met me in the parking lot for my first ride on CBC, it was awesome! Since that day I’ve been hooked on DH and have met the most amazing group of women! This is my third year racing as a Muddbunnie and I’m proud to wear pink once again! I’m stoked to race for the sense of accomplishment and to represent the club , whether I come in top three or dead last I’ll cross the line with pride!

Michelle Lachmann:

Professional engineer, mom of two, who loves to ride!!!! Mtn. biking on the North Shore is my escape, passion and sanity break, not to mention that its fun and helps me keep fit. Although I have been riding for many years, I started riding with the Muddbunnies this past year (2010) and I’ve met a great network of women riders….its been great and its re-energized my love for riding! I have joined the race team to help me put some “goals” in the calendar for 2011. We live in one of the best places to ride, so I try my best to “Make It Happen” ……otherwise I get grumpy!

Crystal Lambert:

When I first moved to BC I wanted to try anything that got me into the mountains. Four years ago that was mountain biking. I had heard about a beginner’s clinic and signed up. The first lesson I showed up with my 3 year old Canadian Tire special bicycle and my jeans tucked into my socks. Basically I knew absolutely nothing about mountain biking. Regardless of the gear we were away on our first trail ride and I was hooked. Fast forward a few years and I’ve developed a passion for riding bikes and have even started racing for fun. Being a member and proud supporter of the Muddbunnies I am so excited to be involved with the race team. During this race season I have a few goals. One of which is to complete the Hell of a Series set of XC races. But my major goal is to have some wicked fun while doing the best I can no matter if I’m winning or if I’m at the back of the pack.

Ryan Petersen:

My love affair with bikes began when I was a kid, riding BMX (street), and XC with the boys and then post-university, a buddy took me on the local dh/xc trails and I was instantly hooked! Within 5 years I had founded the badest and radest women’s riding club ever created, changed my career from the film industry to the bike industry and had competed in multiple races. I’m so excited to once again, be a part of the Muddbunnies Racing Team and will be competing in DH, 4X and even an adventure race to add to the mix. Go Team Muddbunnies! Pink Pride!

Vanessa Voss:

I am an Alberta native with a history of skipping school to ride. My bikes include road, xc, all mountain, downhill, and a bmx for getting to the grocery store. I drive an old Toyota pick-up purchased exclusively for shuttling, so I don’t worry if it’s scratched when throwing bikes in the box! My favourite riding spots?; Fromme, Burke Mtn, and Bridle Path.

Diana Walker:

I started DH mtn biking in 2003 when I was living in Christina Lake. Once I moved to the North Shore i didn’t know any women who rode, so I always ended up on trails way over my head with “the guys”. Thankfully I found the Muddbunnies, and started riding all sorts of places with all sorts of new people! Just this past year, I got an XC bike… one ride on it and I was hooked! for me, racing is for fun, so i’ll be dabbling in a few DH and a few XC races, proudly sportin the Muddbunnies Jersey!